KEF Living, Bangalore

4,500 sft

Tag: homes

Edakoodam is a series of prefabricated homes designed for KEF Living that draws inspiration from the traditional toy ‘Edakoodam’ from Kerala. Much like this traditional puzzle, the design of these homes consists of individual modular elements that come together in different configurations to create a cohesive form.

These homes are Vastu compliant, and have been carefully planned to have green pockets and double height spaces to achieve a good amount of light and cross ventilation. Private gardens, whether large terraces or pocket gardens have been integrated within the plan, to create a connection to nature in an urban setting, where parks are scarce. Thus the garden seamlessly becomes a part of the interior space, thereby blurring the line that separates the inside from the outside.

The façade is treated with white planes and contrasted against brutal concrete and brick clad walls to make a rhythmic impact. The interior palette uses elegant paint finishes and concrete, wood and stone to abundantly bring in warmth, luxury, and an attention to detail and beauty.