Kalpavriksha Mane

OMBR Layout, Bangalore

5,500 sft.

Tag: homes

Designed for a young family of four, the design approach for this 5500 sq. ft residence was one that emphasized on ample daylight and visually connected spaces. Deriving influences from an Indian Contemporary Vernacular style, the adept reinterpretation of Indian motifs and art styles through a contemporary lens renders the space timeless. This concept of modernity as a timeless quality is reflected on the composition of the fa├žade, clad in alluring stone and brick. Warm lights spilling out of the expanses of double height and corner windows further exudes an atmosphere of warmth. The design weaves in the natural context of the site as well, by retaining existing trees on site to serve as a focal point. A large tree frames the built form and serves as the centrepiece to which the views from the large windows and decks are focused. The vibrant character of the interiors are defined by spaces doused in natural light, elevated by exuberant bursts of colours, patterns and textures. An amalgamation of open planning approach and double heighted spaces creates an atmosphere that is bright, and welcoming. With enthusiastically involved clients who brought with them an eclectic collection of artworks and curios, the design was moulded to serve as a stage to display these. The keen attention to detail from both the architects and the clients makes every nook and cranny of the space uniquely enthralling.