Law Firm

Cunningham Road ,Bangalore

13,000 sft

Tag: corporate

The clients gave us a free hand to design the office as we desired, but keeping in mind the formal nature of the law firm. Our initial idea was to move away from linear typical lines of office design and introduce a slightly softer, curved composition of shapes in their daily journey. At the same time the space was to be subtly luxurious and formal.
Inspired by the art-deco movement, the layout, materials and interior silhouettes took form. Neutral material palette of statuario marble, grey terrazzo with white chips and brush finished SS strips is inlaid and warm oak wood paneling has been used to offset the subtle tones. The partitions made of glass is reminiscent of the 30’s.
The curvilinear lines are a constant element across the interiors, reflecting the wall paneling, partitions, and layout plan. The double height library transports one back to old university libraries with its double height, classical shelves and leather tufted chairs.
The neutral palette of materials with the patterned textures are complemented by the deep blue distress painted feature walls and rust orange upholstery. While the office retains its formal character, the art-deco inspired design approach has given a unique spin to a typical office.