Indiranagar, Bangalore

12,000 sft

Tag: multi-dwelling

Client: Mahendra, Gautam & Purnima

The house comprises of independent apartments, duplex and a penthouse. Each unit is custom designed catering to the brief of the individual client. These units interlay with each other spanning different levels. The ground floor unit opens on to a mini private garden and the penthouse to the private terrace which gives these units breathing spaces in the dense urban setting. Large decks in the front coupled with the louvres on the fa├žade provides privacy and acts as a buffer to the more private spaces from the busy neighbourhood.

The penthouse interior showcases an eclectic style with vibrant colors and patterns. The well-lit apartment allows the use of various colours and pattern on the floor in the form of cement tiles from Bharat flooring, which varies in every space and acts as the highlight of the apartment. All furniture pieces, light fittings and wallpapers were designed, custom made or handpicked complementing the flooring to enhance the styling of the house.