SKAV Lilypond Nagavara

Nagavara, Bangalore

200,000 SFT

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Lilypond is a 135Mt Residential Tower design proposal for a client who’s aspiration is to raise the bar of residential design in Bangalore and in India. The site is adjoining the Nagavara lake with lush verdant surroundings. The intention is to build 90-100 uber luxury units ranging from 3500 – 8000 sft. BNA’s proposal created 4 separate iconic designs.

The Habitat

The Habitat – Creates an iconic high rise building that is lifted off the ground by a 3-storey entrance volume ensuring that all apartments have a view of the lake. The trees are used as inspiration for the structure holding up the building. Perforated copper sheets in a 3D form are used as cladding around the building to regulate the sun and wind from the South & West whereas the facade opens up towards the lake.

The Diamond

The Diamond – Drawing inspiration from the exclusivity attached to the diamond the design extrapolates the diamond into a form that structurally wraps itself around the building as an exoskeleton, it changes and morphs as it rises to a height of 120Mt in the sky.

The Weave

The Weave РDrawing inspiration the rich tradition of the Indian textile industry, the design weaves the varying and flowing floor plates around the spindle Рlike columns to create a beautiful design.  Apartments with varying floor plates wrap around the spindles and are interpreserved with green decks.

The Sails

The design draws inspiration from the Waterfront. Two towers of varying heights willow next to each other as the sails of two boats sailing in the wind. Large decks open out to towards the lakefront. The design is envisioned as two “sailing” towers along the banks of the lake, with the large garden decks opening out towards the lake.