The Rig

Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

14,000 sft

Tag: f&b

This was a challenging site to work with – an existing structure to which multiple extensions were made without an overall plan for the space meant that many infrastructural aspects had to be rectified. Stability tests had to be undertaken to consider the kind of loading that could be planned on the existing, fairly weak structure. Another challenge was that there were three different entities that were part of the same facility. Here, the driveway became key, where each outlet gets its due importance and does not affect the function of the other.

With the interiors, we kept the ground floor fairly simple with a cozy feel and the main highlight of the space is a minimalist network of members that use a play of light to create dynamism. A large island bar welcomes you as you enter. The upper floor draws the user to a large triple height volume which connects the multiple floors and acts as the fulcrum of the entire brewery.

The backdrop of the stage is clad with restored, upcycled doors creating a colorful and light feature. The outdoor space, perfect for a Sunday brunch, overlooks the plush green of the neighborhood on one hand and a view of the stage on the other.