Wilasa Enclave

Tanvi Holdings, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore

3,50,000 sft

Tag: communities

Wilasa Enclave has been designed with the idea of providing aspirational affordable homes to upper MIG families. The site is located outside the Bangalore metropolitan area towards the south of Bangalore with the idea of feeding into nearby IT campuses. The site posed a number of challenges with a nala running through the center of the site and with high tension power lines running across the western part of the site. The masterplan has transformed these disadvantages into perks in our design proposal with the nala being developed as a key design feature that runs through the site with townhouses overlooking this expansive green space. The masterplan incorporates sustainable concepts in order to create a self-sufficient community such as energy generation, food production, stormwater management, composting, etc. The idea of Wilasa Enclave is to create a self-sufficient community.