Elan House

Jayshree & Elan, Clover fields, Bangalore

1 Acre, 7,000 sft

Tag: homes

The home is built on a 1 acre site within a gated communtity that is beyond the city limits of Bangalore. The initial impact is that of the entrance court that is roofed with a series of flying planes that frame the views out into the openness. The concept is built around a contemporary Balinese theme by the use of verandahs, large sloping roofs, wood and steel and always ensuring that every aspect of the home is connected to the outdoors.

This home evolved from the idea of contemporizing the courtyard – a space traditionally resonating with Keralite clients as interactive and a relief for introverted homes. This pavilion residence takes its inspiration from the core ideals of the courtyard but externalizes the experience to connect with the beautiful landscaped spaces around. The design was constrained by a tight budget, which called for intelligent planning yet avoiding compromises in the final vision. The interactive spaces merge and blend with the expansive landscape surrounding the home, to ‘breathe in and out’ through the play of structure and landscape. The semi open front pavilion acts as the third and fourth sides of a traditionally four sided court which allowed spaces to be defined yet liberated.