Lall Residence

Arjun Lall, Wheeler Town, Bangalore

3,500 sft

Tag: homes

This sprawling 3500 sft apartment in the heart of town exudes a sense of lightness throughout. Large openings and terraced gardens gave a zen like experience to the user. The intent was to create a home resplendent with green and art. A warm and inviting place for a fun young lawyer, with the opportunity to experiment with style. The style is eclectic and quirky – the interior detailing ranging from simple minimalist to Art Deco. The most valued aspect about the interiors is the restoration and upcycling of old pieces of furniture and light fittings – to infuse life back into furniture pieces which otherwise would have ended up as firewood.

Since art was to play a huge part in accessorising the spaces, the walls are kept in shades of beige-grey or white. Art Deco lights and distressed leather upholstered sofas have created a sense of quirky elegance. A centre table made of sleeper wood battens  placed adjacent to a slickly finished light grey sofa made for sharply contrasting elements complementing each other. Dry brick masonry line a couple of impact walls within the apartment, bringing in a sense of warm rusticity and understated elegance which reflects the client’s personality.