Golden Seams Factory


10000 SFT

Tag: corporate

In this highly busy and engaging work space for a renowned Textile brand, the interior is the hero in the dark. The interiors have been designed and manipulated to strengthen the clothing prototypes’ vibrant hues and textures. All the corridor spaces have light Grey flooring with rough textured walls that look into the surrounding closed spaces through their glass enclosures. This supports their rugged designs for outdoor wear and aids a sense of connectivity on the whole office.  The spaces seem street – like, with up ‘n’ down lighting. The furniture in each space is monochrome with the flooring being solid tinctures of primary colours to classify each space accordingly.

The showrooms for clients and visual merchandising areas assist as the highlighting zones of the whole project. The first showroom for colourful wear has been equipped with seamless Grey flooring and cement finish walls to magnify the colours’ vibrance. The denim showroom has wooden flooring along with Grey walls that aggrandize the denim’s strong texture. The visual merchandising area changes themes according to season and suitable clothing, with mannequins posing as an interesting entrance feature to anyone who visits.

To help the busy office work without chaos, we have segregated the clients’ interaction areas and workspace areas using the executive zone as the partition. A clear definition of functions has provided a way of orienting oneself.