Yelahanka, Bangalore

25,000 SFT

Tag: corporate

This is the headquarters for a software services company. This included a couple of ODCs with a cumulative capacity of 180 pax with the remaining area dedicated to executives offices, boardrooms and an experience center along with other service requirements.The interior design aims at providing a healthy and a more natural office environment. The proposal reflected the ideals of a steadily growing company, i.e. commitment to quality and pride in human assets. The idea was to reinforce the quality of the work environment not in terms of just swanky office space, but an attempt to cater to the human senses of sight, smell and touch .The design brought in fresh planted elements for cleaner air, better aesthetics, natural smell and access to daylight. Almost 25 percent of the area is dedicated to internal gardens, not only on the fringes but right at the heart of circulation spaces hence it becomes a daily experience to walk through the greens on the way to work.

Internal pathways were introduced diagonally which enabled quick thoroughfare between different departments.This also added dynamism to the space without compromising too heavily on geometrical planning. ODCs were planned in such a way that they could be merged via detachable partitions. Executive cabins ‘enclose’ a green zone while keeping the windows free of obstruction. This enabled the soft north light to penetrate deep into the building.