Kanaka Villa

Balamurugan, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

10,000 sft

Tag: homes

Built on a half acre plot, Kanaka Villa is an architectural intervention to a 60 year old residence. The simple lines of the old home were maintained and enhanced by the exaggerated lines of the roof projections. The home is built in an area of India that is extremely hot and humid. In order to regulate the environment internally a large interior space was opened up and re-roofed with a traditional tiled pitch roof. Glass tiles are introduced into the roof to filter in the harsh light. The lightwell aids with naturally ventilating and cooling the air in the house by allowing the hot air to escape at the top.
Setting the program for the architectural and interior design intervention for this existing home was the biggest challenge. The simple but elegant home from the 70’s era was layered with walls and rooms resulting from multiple extensions over the years. The room within room layout of the existing house presented a unique problem. The lack of light and ventilation into the core had to be tackled with sensitivity keeping in mind the lime mortar that held the walls together. After an extensive structural analysis we had to carefully remove walls by strengthening the areas around with steel inserts and pins.The space ¬†was opened up retaining an introverted plan infusing it with plenty of direct light and ventilation. All surrounding areas looked into the central courtyard, a vital connect between the lower levels and the spaces at the upper level. Functions such as private and semi-private zones were more defined and traffic through the home was regulated in an effective manner.