Roy Residence

Nilanjana & Dev Roy, Kasturba Cross Road, Bangalore

9,000 sft

Tag: homes

The clients had 2 individual apartments over two floors and were looking to combine the two to create the feel of an “independent home”. A challenge laid in designing the apartment to showcase the clients’ extensive contemporary art collection yet creating a space that was “warm and homely” for their three young children. The design dealt with this challenge by creating public and private zones, the ground floor with public and semi-private areas, whereas the first floor was designed entirely as a private zone for the family with all the main bedrooms and the family room located above. In order to bring in the feel of an independent home, we introduced double height volumes within the space. A vaulted ceiling with wooden battens roofs the formal living and this extends to the outside on both the North and the South elevations. The home is designed and furnished in a classic contemporary manner, a style that allows for the addition of either classical or ultra contemporary accents. The apartment has the luxury of a garden wrapping around on three sides and the design ensures that all rooms on the ground floor extend and open out into the landscape. The staircase with its slatted wooden rail structure and internal garden court becomes another piece of art in the home that connects the two levels. The first floor is designed with warm and comfortable colours & textures to allow the family to relax, unwind and bond together. A number of bespoke details in wood such as the bar; custom designed brass handles; custom made lighting in the formal living are touches that enhance the luxury of this home.