The Nambisans, Whitefield, Bangalore

1.25 Acres, 10,000 sft

Tag: homes

The site with an existing 100 year old structure presented an exciting opportunity to design a home by juxtaposing the old with the new. The design retains the key aspects of the traditional home by restoring and embellishing it whilst creating a new wing that complements the old. The original structure was restored to its original beauty but decluttering the spaces and allowing elements such as antique doors, red oxide flooring, antique lighting, etc. to stand out. The new wing was designed true to itself in a light contemporary manner with contemporary fixtures and fittings.The home has a strong connection to the outdoors from each space and allows the landscape into the house. A number of rescued and antique items were refurbished and used in the home, such as antique wooden columns from Kerala that hold up the entrance porch.

The house is a celebration of the two styles and a justaposition of the heaviness of traditional architecture with the simplicity and lightness of contemporary features.