Jayanagar, Bangalore

11,000 sft

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Tucked away in a corner off a lush green by-lane in Jayanagar, this house was intended to reflect the personality and upscale lifestyle of the couple, their parents and two sons .The complex requirements and divided opinions on design styles along with vastu considerations posed a challenge. The six-bedroom house that was designed satisfied the whole family. The elderly folk of the family was keen on a neo-classical elevation, while the youngsters wanted a contemporary look. Tall Tuscan columns and cornices that run along the house gave it a neo-classical look while the tall and linear windows gave it a contemporary touch.
The upper levels are where the family spend most of their time, with the master bedrooms, guest bedrooms and two children’s rooms converging into a casual lounge that opens to an outdoor deck on both floors.
The double height features along the exterior allows for unobstructed views and decks open to views of the large existing trees outside.
The large windows around the house not only framed and captured these trees but provided both light and ventilation.
The terrace is where the family entertains their guests most of the time with the outdoor garden spaces leading into a deck with a barbeque area equipped with a pizza oven. Such warm and interactive spaces within the house is what connects the family and their guests.