P-Terrace Lounge

Chinnaswamy Stadium , Bangalore


Tag: commercial corporate f&b

The project brief from the Karnataka State Cricket Association was to renovate the current VIP lounge for the IPL season. The present site posed two challenges, the low hung ceiling, and the existing services. On visiting the site we proposed the demolition of the rooms used as accomodation to allow light and ventilation from the curved periphery.

The idea from the beginning was to create a space that reflected the spirit of Bangalore and it’s favourites Royal Challengers. The planning was determined by the curved nature of the space. A large central curved bar with seating on either side, a buffet counter and toilets at the end. The flooring was designed as combination of wood and cement with a brass strip.

Rafters with clusters of tungsten bulbs above the bar made it the focal point that would draw ones attention from every corner. Different types of seating clusters with low tables, and high tables was designed. Plush red leather panelling on the bar, red upholstered chairs with elements of bronze in the furniture reflected the brand’s colours. The golden hued space, with the warmth of the wood elements and crimson elements perfectly embodied the spirit of the home team.