Museum Road

Museum Cross Road, Bangalore

8,000 sft

Tag: special

Museum Cross Road, a residential street in the heart of Bengaluru, used to be a road like many others in the neighbourhood. The maintenance was neglected, the old pavement was uneven, and tree roots were breaking through cracking the pavement and creating bumps. It was an eyesore. Worse than that, it posed a danger to the residents. There were no street lights to illuminate the road at night. The residents appointed BNA to renew the life of Museum Cross Road.

The design was tackled at an urban design level by beginning at the very basics – from the relaying of of the infrastructure and then to beautifying the road itself whilst retaining all existing trees. Finishes were kept easy to maintain and sensible while subtle lighting allowed the entire street to take on an aura of softness and warmth. A pet project, it would be a definite dream to help re-infuse life into streets all around the city in a similar manner.