Victory at Sea Memorial

Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

14.3 acres

Tag: special

Client: Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

This pitch for the Victory at Sea Memorial is in commemoration of the triumph of the Indian Navy over the Pakistan intrusion in 1971. The memorial is designed in relation to the Naval Heritage Museum.

Located by the busy thoroughfare along the shore, we propose taking a part of the memorial underground in order to isolate the site from the noise and the pollution.

Flights of steps interrupted by recreational green zones lead one to the Victory at Sea memorial. The memorial is conceived as a place of quiet remembrance and homage. This walk to the memorial, accompanied by a calm water cascade and subdued sunlight, is a journey through time as we remember the names of all the brave soldiers. The memorial itself is a simple linear block with voids cut across both axes. This signifies the loss we feel in our slain soldiers and light brought in by their selfless sacrifice.

The museum and the memorial aim to instill a sense of interest and pride in our nation.