Naval Heritage Museum

Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

14.3 acres

Tag: special

Client: Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

This pitch for the Naval Heritage Museum is in commemoration of the naval force of India. BNA used this project as an opportunity to explore our approach to museum design and create an identity for the coastal city of Vizag.

The museum’s form is conceived as a reflection of the waves that accompany our naval force in their journey. This organic form not only compliments it’s context, but also helps in breaking the linearity of the existing buildings.

The architecture invites people through it’s open and fluid spaces that include green roofs, skywalks, waterfront plazas, an amphitheater and gardens. In addition to creating interest on the exterior facade of the museum, the interiors employ a play of levels, light and shadow which highlight and establish the significance of each of the artifacts exhibited.