Padmanabhan House

The Padmanabhans, Malleswaram, Bangalore

6,000 sft

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The challenge in this residence was to retain the main feature of the existing building – the expanse of rough stone. Around this existing feature a completely different experience was to be designed for the clients. The heavy stone wall was made lighter by a foyer with a large double – storey volume adorned in glass making it light and airy. Sunlight and ventilation become an intrinsic part of the design. The front door is treated with monumental gusto, rising all the way to the top. The original layout was questioned, broken down and reworked to transform it into a completely different space.

The heavy stone cladding that appears both on the exterior and interior of the house is lightened by the use of white walls and ceilings and wooden details. Beautifully detailed wooden louvres are introduced into the double height volume accentuating the space. The living room is designed in  a neutral palette with a highlit detailed spiral staircase in wood, glass and steel placed as a sculpture within the space.