Ramakrishnan Residence

The Ramakrishnans, Devanahalli, Bangalore

7,000 sft

Tag: homes

The Ramakrishnans are an old Bangalore family whose homes have always had a traditional feel to it. Very earthy warm tones made up most of the decor in their previous homes. They came to us with this villa to perhaps bring in a modern appeal to the interiors. Their comfort however lay in being around familiar material and motifs. The interior design juxtaposes traditional elements with modern ones. Beautiful Tanjore paintings adorn the walls contrasting sharply with slick marble cladding. Traditional jaali motifs developed from those present in our forts and palaces, have been built into pieces of furniture, specially designed and developed by traditional artisans. Furniture pieces were designed keeping a very mid-century modern sensibility. ¬†What evolved was a confluence of different styles of interior design that come successfully together. We kept to a style we called, ‘The new modern traditional’. This style is evident in treatment of walls, ceilings, furniture and even in soft furnishing.