Shanthi Sadan

The Desais, Serpentine Street, Bangalore

20,000 sft

Tag: multi-dwelling

This Vastu friendly residence located on Serpentine Street in Kumara Park, is a modern interpretation of a vernacular set up for two brothers and their respective families. The house has been designed with a courtyard feel, and each part of both homes open up to the verdant views of existing trees of Mango, Jackfruit, Coconut and Silver Oak. Keeping in mind the surrounding greenery, large step out decks have been added on all floors in order to bring the outside in, while maintaining privacy of the occupants. The spaces are further held together with a strong design language of exposed concrete frames inclined at various angles and brick, which also continues into the interior language of the homes. The entire feel is organic with natural light washing the exposed walls and ceilings with a spectacular play of light and shadows.