SNN Clermont

Hebbal, Bangalore

3500 sft

Tag: homes

A model apartment on the 34th floor of a residential development being marketed as a luxury development. The brief was to showcase the idea of “high-living” in the skies for the client’s prospective buyers. We introduced a blend of French Modern and Contemporary design styles in order to infuse the sense of affluence yet warmth for aspiring home buyers. The formal living room exudes a sense of luxury with the backdrop wall paneling detail in a dramatic blue colour placed against the contrast of a pristine white ceiling with profile beading forming a diamond pattern across the ceiling. As the living and dining flow into each other there is a continuity in design treatment. Furniture has been carefully chosen from brands such as Dom Edizione and Cantori, where as the centre table, side tables and the dining room side-board have been made specifically for the project. The larger bedrooms follow in a similar style whilst the cosy guest bedroom is treated in a minimalist contemporary manner with pastel shades and a light iron bed with a sculptural headboard. A fourth bedroom is opened up to create a family room that has custom-built suspended shelves forming an interesting partition between the room and the corridor. The apartment has been designed in a way to allow potential buyers to gather the possibilities that can be created from the space.