Colourfully Contained Experiences

Hoskote, Bangalore

1,500 sft

Tag: commercial corporate

The project was to create an office for a precast concreting factory along with an exhibition space and an experience centre. As the site is located in an industrial area, so to keep with the same language, but at the same make it stand out, was the design challenge we undertook. Other considerations that had to be taken were the cost-effectiveness and ventilation. Towards the industrial appeal, shipping containers were re-used in their original condition as the carcasses for the spaces. Exposed service lines and interior insulation created for a better experiential feel for the office’s purpose. Primary colours were used to make the containers stand out against all the concrete. The layout was designed such that the main areas of use would look into a water body. The water body’s other feature was the cooling affect it would have on the surrounding spaces as all the windows were designed to help in the ventilation of the interior spaces.
A ramp leads the users into the centre of the site surrounded by three containers – an experience centre, an office space, and a dining and sanitary area. The first floor utilities the top of all the containers forming a deck space that can be used as a meeting area and an external exhibition area. The last floor is a single container with a cabin for the MD and a conference room. All the floors are interconnected through one the main design features of the project- the cantilever staircase encased in clear glass.
The overall effect of the design was to create an almost sculptural installation out of the spaces.