Y-Living Artillery Road

Artillery Road, Bangalore

9500 sft

Tag: communities multi-dwelling

Co-living is growing in popularity in major cities like Bangalore , where increasing housing prices are forcing the younger working generation to look at new and adaptive ways to rent in the city .The project has been designed with the idea of providing living units that are within small footprints, surrounded by flexible communal spaces to invite social activities and interactions. The site is located near MG road towards the centre of Bangalore making it a prime location for the younger crowd. To make the most out of its location and high real-estate value, our motive was to not compromise on communal spaces but at the same time maximize accommodation. The residential spaces in the building were divided into single, double and triple sharing rooms, with a dormitory on the terrace with an adjoining garden. The main design intent was to increase the perception of space. One way this was achieved was through a double height entrance foyer that also acts as an amphitheatre. The façade is an interesting mix of copper panel and exposed cement, against a canvas of textured colours to create a break in the verticality of the structure. A raised front compound wall allows for better privacy and adds a sense of depth to the façade. Y-living seeks to create a better temporary living environment while encouraging communal bonding.