The Bier Library


13,000 sft

Tag: f&b

The brief for the brewery was simple – space to be inclusive and become a hub for entertainment and social interaction. Given the nature of the site and its surroundings, the aim was to create an open and inward looking plan. The approach to the site is through a crowded and bustling narrow road and we therefore had to raise the compound wall high enough to create a distinction between the outside and the indoors. This allowed for an element of surprise for the users as they step inside through the oversized doors.

The introverted design evolves around a centrally placed courtyard. All functions are placed around and accessed from this courtyard.The outer edge of the built form was solid and mostly impervious. The solid planes blocked the view into the adjacent buildings and hence afforded privacy. The inner edge was completely open where one is always connected to the vibrant courtyard. The large reflecting pool in the courtyard brought about a sense of calm and a sensual zen like feel. The always busy-open-to-sky seating, the performance stage, a pet friendly section, added to the energy and vibrancy of the place.

The two – storied structure features its large volumes wrapping around the central Koi pond . The two large floor plates are tied together by a statement spiral staircase, which adds the necessary pop of colour in the otherwise subdued concrete structure. The design also allows the building to breathe and negates the need of air-conditioning.