The Checkered House

Prestige Leela Residences, Bengaluru

2500 sft.

Tag: homes

“Clean lines over curves and angles!” was the brief that was received and later transformed it into the key phrase of the design for this city house. Greeted by a cozy foyer, which is riddled with a plethora of lines; from the ribbed ceiling, to the checkered walls and floor inlays – from where a seamless expanse of well-lit spaces just sprawls out in front.

An open plan which is bound by oversized rugs and potted greens makes the apartment feel truly a class above the rest. The living dining cluster, albeit being one, can be tailored to the mood/occasion by a simple switch of lights. For a client who wanted no compromise, we had to break the glass ceiling and make possible a lush garden deck, a bar and a high-end media room which forms another axis in the apartment which is neatly tucked behind a number of doors that disappear from sight once opened.

An impossible challenge if you must say was to bring light into a narrow corridor, which houses bedrooms on each of its sides. The solution, being a synonym of the main spaces, was to insert glass back shelves which lets the light bounce through from both the guest bedrooms. The two guest units definitely hold its own, when it comes to a proper Scandinavian bedroom. The tones, the textures, the design is in a serene pool of constraint, with art to draw a bit of attention.

The master bedroom being the furthest space in the layout is guided to by a checkered wall, right from the point of entry. It is a private retreat from the open concept seen in the main spaces. Self-sufficient with an island bed with study attached, full length wardrobe, private balcony and a large master toilet. The latter being a sea of grey marble accentuated with strips of different marble, similar to the ones seen in the foyer and bedroom corridor.

‘Restraint’ was seen both in terms of design and in site conditions as well. The use of existing flooring and doors with subtle inserts of modernism resonated well with the clients’ aversion to colors and pop. Over-all a quick project that reminds one that doing less can bring smiles to the end user.