Toit Bangalore

Indiranagar, bangalore

8,000 sft

Tag: f&b

Toit is all about people and the vibes they share is centric to the  design philosophy; to gather, to unwind without trying too hard to fit in to have a great evening . The first thought was to capitalise on the volume that the premises had to offer. The challenge was to identify the structural elements and to knock down all intermediate walls in between, therefore opening the place up. Once this was done the various levels looked into each other across the central courtyard three floor high. The visual as a result is stunning and engaging. You will always see people peering over the edge to get a glimpse of what’s going on at the other levels.

The multi-levels have been designed keeping various user groups in mind; from fine dining to a nice sunny morning space to a dance floor to just basic areas to “hangout” at the lower level. There is something for everyone.

We have retained the existing tree as a central focal point. Retaining the tree has a sense of rustic uniqueness about the place. The idea here was to introduce touch points for the users. Being true to the brief we were given, we wanted to use materials that one could identify with. Brick as an element that is used across gives the user an sense of being part of the old world British pub. The trees you see at the lower level have been retained to give a feeling that this place has a very accommodative angle to it. It implies that nature can be an integral part of the interior architecture and not necessarily restricted  to the outdoors.

Flooring essentially is wood and tiles, while evokes warmth whereas tiles are hardy and durable. The use of wood seamlessly across floors stitches the spaces in more ways than one, almost like a continuum of the story thread.

The budget- as with all programs, cost and it’s implication posed a unique problem. There interior architecture therefore had to be resolve the basic design and function issues and walk the path where one does not over ride the other. The language was retro and therefore the visuals had to be so.  The vintage nature of the visuals has do with the iconic status of the subject, be it movies, musicians or the artists depicted. A reverent notion that most of the target group relate to.

Roofing tiles are essentially the typical mangalore tiles with glass insets. The play of light and shadow gives a very distinct flavour within during the day and the glow, almost a halo like feel from the outside in the evenings.

Furniture used addresses requirements of the varied seating typology of the space. We have the old fashioned bench which most youngsters relate to either from school or even an old