Cakewalk Bangalore

Indiranagar, Bangalore

5000 SFT

Tag: f&b


Redefining the identity for all the outlets of Cake Walk – a premiere patisserie chain in Bangalore and Chennai – the interiors of their main branch in Indiranagar was dealt as a flagship project. Creating a vibrant ambience for the cake shop that will showcase the product and enhance the brand – working with a blend of fluidity and rigidity, where rustic meets retro meets minimalist. The entrance is defined to frame the interiors and showcase the shop floor and its intricacies as a painting would.The resplendent brick wall – a sculptural work of art by itself. Formed using a sinusoidal graph at different levels, this curved feature challenges the fundamental property of brick to be rigid. This brick skin adapts a retro feel to an originally rustic surface material. An exposed lighting grid suspended from the ceiling creates a further contrast to the dynamism of the wall. These point lights pick out the higher notes of the curved bricks and create a vivid sense of depth while simultaneously spreading ambient light to the lounge. Clusters of seating in a rough- sewn wood finish are laid out on the stepped decks set against the brick and complemented by the free flowing counter.